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Israeli Ambassador addresses UN Security Council on PA Mufti's hate speech, exposed by PMW

Amb Ron Prosor addresses UN Security Council
on the situation in the Middle East

PA Mufti, Muhammad Hussein, speaking at an event celebrating the 47th anniversary of the founding of Fatah, called for killing all the Jews.

… Since the Palestinian leadership refuses to tell the Palestinian people the truth, the international community has the responsibility to tell them the truth. You have a responsibility to stand up and say that the so-called "claim of return" is a non-starter.

Yet, many around this table who never miss an opportunity to tell Israel what it has to do for peace - mumble, stutter and conveniently lose their voices when it comes time to tell the Palestinian people about the basic compromises they will have to make for peace.

Mr. President,

The Palestinians' refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state goes hand-in-hand with a culture of incitement in mosques, schools and media. Day after day, children are taught to pursue violence - and to hate, vilify, and dehumanize Israelis and Jews.

Let me be clear. I am not only talking about Hamas in Gaza - but also about the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, where you can’t turn a corner without seeing terrorists and terrorism glorified.

This month - on January 9th – Palestinian Authority television broadcast the proceedings of an event celebrating Fatah’s 47th anniversary.
It featured a sermon [first exposed by Palestinian Media Watch] by the PA's most senior religious leader - Mufti Muhammad Hussein - who presented the killing of Jews as a sacred goal for all Muslims.

His comments were deeply disturbing. But what was even more disturbing is that no one from the Palestinian Leadership stood up and condemned his comments, denounced his actions or dissociated themselves from his message. Their silence speaks volumes.

Mr. President,

The path to peace is clear. The international community must tell the Palestinians unequivocally that unilateralism is a dead-end - and that direct negotiations are the only way forward. Recent talks in Amman are a positive step in this regard - and I would like to take this opportunity to thank King Abdullah for helping to facilitate these meetings.

Now Israelis and Palestinians must take the next step toward peace together. It's time to stop negotiating about negotiating. It's time to stop meeting about meeting. It's time to stop talking about talking. …