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“There is nothing sweeter than Martyrdom” - relative of dead terrorist “Martyr”

Mother of terrorist Nimr Abu Mustafa: “He [Nimr Abu Mustafa] (i.e., terrorist) told me ‘You have 17 [children], one less will be 16. I want to die as a Martyr.’”


Aunt of terrorist Nimr Abu Mustafa: “Is anything sweeter than Martyrdom? Is anything sweeter than him going to the Master of the Universe as a Martyr? There is nothing sweeter than this… We consider him a Martyr among Allah, may Allah accept him.”

[Official PA TV News, Dec. 9, 2023]


Nimr Abu Mustafa – Palestinian terrorist who attempted to plant explosives targeting Israeli forces at the Balata refugee camp, next to Nablus, on Dec. 8, 2023. The forces shot and killed Mustafa in self-defense. Video from his funeral shows Mustafa’s body was wrapped in a Palestinian flag and had an M-16 assault rifle placed on it.


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