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PMW book "Deception" used by Israeli negotiators at peace talks to prove PA incitement

Tal Shalev  |
At the peace negotiations:
Israel presented PMW’s book Deception
as proof of PA incitement

by Tal Shalev
(translated from Hebrew by PMW)

During the talks between the Israeli delegation and the Palestinian Authority in Jordan, Yitzhak Molcho presented Saeb Erekat with a book detailing acts of incitement by the PA…

In the latest meeting between the special Israeli envoy, Yitzchak Molcho, and the head of the Palestinian negotiating team Saeb Erekat, Molcho presented Erekat with a book that sets forth what Israel defines as severe incitement in the PA. Molcho also raised with Erekat the statements by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Muhammad Hussein, who called last week for the killing of Jews.

The book which Molcho presented to Erekat, Deception: Betraying the Peace Process, was published last month by Palestinian Media Watch. It provides hundreds of examples of hate speech, glorification of terrorists and murderers, and other anti-Israel statements during the period May 2010 – April 2011. The book examines official events, educational programs, and statements by political leaders, and shows examples inter alia of demonization of Israel by the PA – such as the claim that Israel is spreading AIDS among Palestinians, or that Israel poisoned Yasser Arafat.

The book also asserts that the PA "conveys one message to the international community, through official channels, and another, very different message of hatred for the consumption of its own people, in Arabic." The speech by the Mufti, [also exposed by PMW] which was harshly condemned in Israel, was also raised at the meeting as an example of Palestinian incitement: "The Hour of Resurrection will not come until the Muslims begin to fight the Jews and kill these descendants of monkeys and pigs," said Mufti Muhammad Hussein last week at an event in Ramallah, marking the 47th anniversary of the establishment of Fatah.

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