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Investigation of PA Mufti for hate speech, exposed by PMW, is a "despicable racist attack" and "incitement"

On Jan. 9, 2012, the principal PA religious leader, Muhammad Hussein, delivered a speech presenting the killing of Jews by as a religious Islamic goal. PMW's exposure of the Mufti's speech brought Israeli and international condemnation of the Mufti and the PA. The following is a response to the controversy by official PA daily columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
     "The Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories, Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, is currently under a despicable racist attack which has targeted his person and his life…
The Mufti of Jerusalem, the respected Sheikh and patriotic fighter, knows how to combine religion and nationalism, and stands up to – together with all the patriotic residents of Jerusalem in particular, and of the homeland in general – the crimes of the Israeli occupiers and their herds of settlers, to the point where he has become a target for revenge on the part of various Zionist leaders. The racist attack on Sheikh Muhammad has been joined by the president of the Israeli apartheid state, Shimon Peres; Prime Minister of the extremist Zionist right-wing, Netanyahu; and other Zionist racists, who have called upon the Minister of 'Justice', Yaakov Neeman, and the Attorney General, Yehuda Weinstein, to open a legal investigation against [the Mufti] Sheikh Hussein. They argue that he 'expressed himself' during a speech he delivered on the 47th anniversary of the [founding of the] Fatah movement 'with grave statements which could increase the tension in relations between Jews and Arabs, and even lead to loss of life', according to Peres' incitement. As for Netanyahu, he opined that the Mufti of Jerusalem had voiced 'Antisemitic' statements!
Voice of Israel Radio quoted one of the engineers of Israeli terror, Netanyahu, who said: 'These expressions represent a most serious crime'!
The Prime Minister of the most racist and aggressive government in the history of the apartheid and ethnic-cleansing state, in the history of Israel, launched an unprecedented campaign of incitement against the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories during the most recent meeting of the Likud faction in the Knesset. He once again poisoned the atmosphere and incited against Sheikh Muhammad Hussein and the Palestinian Authority, noting: 'Most serious is that not only has the Palestinian Authority not yet condemned these words, but it even permitted them to be broadcast on official TV'! Voice of Israel Radio noted that the Mufti of Jerusalem had quoted a hadith of the Prophet [Muhammad] calling for the killing of Jews, during his speech on the anniversary of the [founding of the] Fatah movement.
Leaders of the Israeli apartheid state and government have forgotten their own war crimes against the Palestinian people and the Palestinian homeland. They have forgotten their lies, the forgery of facts and of history, and their theft of Palestinian land. They have also forgotten their own incitement, carried out by their rabbis of death, hatred, and racist animosity, against the Arab Palestinians. They have forgotten their education and media, which fan the flames of all forms of hostility, racism, and fascism. They have latched onto a false report which is detached from reality – especially since Sheikh Muhammad [Hussein] is known for his unceasing calls for tolerance among adherents of the different religions. The fact that he quoted the lofty Hadith of the Prophet does not mean [that it is] incitement to murder. What the Mufti wanted to show everyone was that the Jews violated all the commitments, conspired against the honored Arab Prophet, and attempted to murder him and his teachings. The brutal racist attack against the respected Sheikh Muhammad Hussein is a continuation of the racist campaign against Jerusalem, the holy places, peace, and co-existence among the inhabitants of the holy city. As previously noted, this is a campaign against President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. Also, it is an Antisemitic campaign, while they claim to be 'defenders' of Semitism. They have forgotten that Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, and all the Palestinians, are the fathers of Semitism and its true defenders against such racists as Netanyahu, Peres, Liberman, Barak, Yishay, Yaalon, and all the murderers of the Israeli state… Therefore, it would be better if Netanyahu, Peres and the racist murderers who bid their word would end their biased campaign against Sheikh Muhammad Hussein, the Mufti of Jerusalem and the Palestinian territories, and disassociate themselves from racism and hatred. [Better that they] surge towards the gates of peace, which are open right now but will not remain open forever, and disseminate a culture of peace and co-existence instead of disseminating animosity and racism, because the bottom line is that [the latter] will never be to their benefit."

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