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Abbas denies Israel's existence: Israel's statehood “is a big lie”

Official PA TV posted a video on its YouTube channel



The video shows a speech by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas at the 8th National Forum for Digitization and Innovation.


[Official PA TV, YouTube channel, Oct. 3, 2023]


PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas: The independence of the State of Israel… When Israel says that it is celebrating its Independence Day – what regime did it receive independence from? Who is the one who occupied the State of Israel, such that it is celebrating the fact that it got rid of this occupation? This is a big lie, a big lie. Time passed, the Palestinian revolution arose... The Palestinian narrative is being spread now everywhere in the world. We want to make it clear and to use it to debunk the colonialist Western Zionist narrative, which has been disseminated amid lies, hypocrisy, and deception… and to say that this is the Palestinian people, the Nakba exists, and there is no [Israeli] independence.


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