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“Israeli researcher to British Parliament members: ‘The Palestinian Authority is involved in terror’” [Yisrael Hayom]

“Israeli researcher to British Parliament members: ‘The Palestinian Authority is involved in terror’” [Yisrael Hayom]

“A special report by the Israeli research institute PMW (Palestinian Media Watch), which presents evidence of the Palestinian Authority (PA) Security Forces’ deep involvement in terror, was presented at the British Parliament last night, Wednesday [Jan. 31, 2024]. PMW Founder and Director Itamar Marcus met with Parliament members and British lords and conveyed the disturbing findings to them.

The report was presented by Marcus earlier in the week to Israeli Parliament members at the Judea and Samaria Affairs Subcommittee.

The report, which is called ‘Terrorists in Uniform,’ proves how the PA (and Fatah) [parentheses in source] is not trying to hide or play down its involvement in terror, but rather is taking pride in and even publicizing its support for and involvement in terror against Israel.

Marcus was invited to present the research in London by Lord Paul Bew, in coordination with UK Israel Future Projects and the Europe Israel Press Association. Approximately 60 participants took part in the discussion, including Parliament members, lords, members of the press, representatives of non-governmental organizations, representatives of the Israeli embassy, academics, and more.

‘Progress towards a two-state solution’
The discussion took place several days after British Foreign Minister David Cameron’s statement, according to which Britain and its allies will consider recognizing a Palestinian state as part of a diplomatic effort to create ‘irreversible progress’ towards the two-state solution.
‘There is a lack of logic in proposing that the PA, through the PA police, would be responsible for the security in the Gaza Strip, when it is actively involved in terror and is even taking pride in this,’ said Marcus of the British foreign minister’s statement. ‘How could a Palestinian state be recognized when the PA is so involved in and supportive of terror?’”

[Yisrael Hayom, Feb. 1, 2024]

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