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PA official: Israel “invades the world” with Palestinian culture, “presenting it as Jewish or Israeli”

"Poet [and Deputy Minister of Information] Al-Mutawakkil Taha expressed his hope yesterday that in light of the 'Arab Spring,' the Arab culture and drama movement would enter a new stage which would contribute more to the Palestinian cause. Taha, who also serves as Deputy Minister of Information, emphasized in an interview to WAFA [official PA] news agency that Palestinian intellectuals should not remain submerged in their Palestinian identity, but rather should open their gates, their windows, their head and their heart to their Arab depths…

Interest in the drama and struggle against Zionist propaganda
He asked, 'Where is our cultural contribution in the Arab sphere and in the international sphere? Especially in light of the fact that the occupation state invades the world with our culture, which it claims for itself, presenting it as Jewish or Israeli. Likewise, the occupation state produces plays, films, and artistic performances based on its false claims, and markets them to the world as the victim, with us as the executioners.' Taha said, 'How many of our works must we translate for the world in order to tell them that we are a cultured nation? How many films have we produced in response to 'The Reader', which is one of several films produced by world Zionism during its attack on the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples in 2006 and 2007, in order to blackmail the world and remind it of the Holocaust?'"