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PA TV attacks PMW for exposing that the Red Cross facilitates Pay-for-Slay

Official PA TV “Israeli affairs expert” Fayez Abbas: “An extremist right-wing organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) prepared a report saying that the Red Cross fills out forms for the prisoners and they are submitted to the PA in order to pay salaries to the prisoners. Of course, the director of this extremist right-wing organization [Itamar Marcus], demanded the Red Cross be prevented from visiting the prisoners, because the Red Cross is part of the plot against Israel. UNRWA, and now it’s the Red Cross… This guy [Marcus] comes out against me day and night, there is no doubt that he is watching me now, recording me, and preparing reports. I heard him with another report, preparing reports that are all exaggeration, lies, and evasion… The budget of this institute PMW is $20 million per year (sic., under $1 million), and it is funded by people from the American right-wing.”


[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, March 6, 2024]

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