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PA official: Israeli PM Netanyahu is like Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister

Palestinian National Council member and Fatah Austria Branch Secretary Mundhir Mar’i: “Everyone knows that [Israeli Prime Minister] Netanyahu has been winning the world championship of lies for 20 years. I compare Netanyahu to Goebbels, who was the Nazi propaganda minister who told Hitler: ‘Lie, lie, and lie, and the lie will become truth and people will say that it’s true’. Now we are going in the same direction and on the same path. Goebbels was the propaganda minister, and now he has parallels in the form of Benjamin Netanyahu, [Israeli Minister of Finance] Smotrich, and [Israeli Minister of National Security] Ben Gvir.”

[Falestinona (Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission in Lebanon), YouTube channel, Feb. 10, 2024]

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