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Israelis “are destined for the Burning Fire” in Hell – Sheikh on official PA TV

Sheikh Hamed Daraghmeh: “Thus says Allah, you [Israelis] have murdered, burned, slaughtered many, destroyed, caused [us] to flee in every direction, expelled, distanced the people from their homeland, but at the same time, ‘they (i.e., Israelis) will have the punishment of the Burning Fire [in Hell]’ [Quran 85:10]… The message that our Almighty Master of the Universe wants to convey to us- Apparently the victory is theirs... In our balance, we as global humanity say that they have won, murdered, they are the victors. But in the true balance they are the losers because they are destined for the Burning Fire.”

[Official PA TV, Gate to Paradise, March 13, 2024]


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