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PA TV denies it glorifies terrorists, after honoring killer of Fogel family

Headline: "PA TV: Netanyahu's claims are an attempt to hide Israel's crimes"
"PA TV said that the claims by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, concerning the prisoners' program [For You, a recent episode of which included greetings to the murderers of the Israeli Fogel family] are meant to hide Israeli crimes, especially those against prisoners. It should be noted that Netanyahu demanded that the PA 'condemn PA TV for accepting a telephone call from the mother and aunt of prisoner Hakim Awad, who carried out the Itamar operation (i.e., Hakim Awad’s killing 5 members of an Israeli family in their sleep).'
In its press release, a copy of which was obtained by WAFA, PA TV emphasized today: 'The prisoners' program is meant for the purposes of [maintaining] humanitarian contact between the prisoners – especially those who are not permitted visitors – and their family members. The call on the episode of Jan. 26, 2012 was by family members of the prisoner, and in a live broadcast. What the mother said with complete spontaneity, does not reflect any official view or position of PATV or of the Palestinian Authority.' The press release called upon anyone interested, and all journalists, to watch the filmed footage which had been aired, and not to rely on Netanyahu's words. It noted that official Israeli circles constantly take care to invent and blow up events, with the aim of hiding the violations, the racist activities, and the crimes against humanity which they are carrying out against our people everywhere."
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