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Spokesman: “Fatah has not abandoned any one of its (i.e., terror) options”

Falestinona, Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission in Lebanon, posted a video on its YouTube channel


Video title: “A special episode on the occasion of 59 years since the Launch of the lauded revolution (i.e., the anniversary of “the Launch” of Fatah, counted from its first terror attack against Israel), with Fatah Movement Spokesman Abd Al-Fattah Doleh (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1 together with accomplices)”


Official Fatah Spokesman Abd Al-Fattah Doleh: “Today we are speaking about nearly 8,000 prisoners inside the occupation’s (i.e., Israel’s) prisons. More than half of the prisoners’ movement are from Fatah, and the remaining less than half are from the rest of the factions together. This shows that Fatah still adheres to the benefit of the struggle. It has carried the flag of armed struggle, it carried the flag of popular resistance in the Stone Intifada (i.e., 200 Israelis murdered), it returned to armed resistance in the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., 1,100 Israelis murdered), and today it is in favor of popular resistance (i.e., violence and terror), and these strategies change and replace each other at every stage, but Fatah has not abandoned any one of its (i.e., terror) options.”

[Falestinona, Fatah’s Information and Culture Commission in Lebanon, YouTube channel, Jan. 1, 2024]

Intilaqa - "the Launch" refers to the beginning of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to blow up Israel's National Water Carrier.

Abd Al-Fattah Doleh – Palestinian terrorist and member of the Tanzim (Fatah terror faction). He participated in the kidnapping and murder of 16-year-old Ofir Rahum on Jan. 17, 2001. Amna Muna (a female accomplice) met Rahum in an Internet chat room and engaged him in an online romance that culminated in his agreeing to meet her. She drove him to Ramallah, where they were met by Doleh and another accomplice, Hassan Alkadi, who shot and killed Rahum. Doleh served 12 years in prison and was released on June 30, 2016. After being released, Doleh was appointed as a PLO Commission of Prisoners' Affairs executive committee member and Fatah Commission of Mobilization and Organization spokesman.

The first Intifada - Palestinian wave of violence and terror against Israel 1987-1993, approximately 200 Israelis murdered

The second Intifada – PA terror campaign (2000-2005) in which more than 1,100 Israelis were murdered.

The terms "peaceful uprising/resistance” and “popular uprising/resistance" are used by PA leaders at times to refer to peaceful protest and at times to refer to deadly terror attacks and terror waves. For example, ‎Mahmoud Abbas defined as “peaceful popular” the murderous terror during the 2015-2016 ‎terror wave (“The Knife Intifada”), in which 40 people were killed (36 Israelis, 1 Palestinian, 2 Americans and 1 Eritrean) and hundreds wounded in stabbings, shootings, and car ramming attacks. Abbas said: "We want peaceful popular uprising, and that’s what this is." At the time Abbas said this, 14 Israelis had already been murdered.


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