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Palestinian father: I want my second son to die

Palestinian father: I want my second son to die. 

The official PA daily posted a video on its Facebook page of an interview with the father of terrorists Muhammad and Wadi’ As’ous, who shot at Israeli soldiers

Yasser As’ous, father of terrorists Muhammadand Wadi’ As’ous: “Allah chose my children [Muhammad and Wadi’ As’ous] (i.e., terrorists). The second [child], Allah willing, Allah will grant him Martyrdom. Allah willing, now before I leave [the cemetery], Allah will inform me that he became a Martyr.Praise Allah Master of the Universe, our God chose them.”

[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Facebook page, Jan. 8, 2024]

Hazza Darwish (As'ous), Rami Darwish (As'ous), Ahmed Darwish (As'ous), Alaa Darwish (As'ous), Rizq Suleiman, Muhammad As'ous, and Wadi’ As’ous – Palestinian terrorists who shot and threw explosives at Israeli forces conducting a counter-terror operation in the Jenin refugee camp on Jan. 7, 2024. The terrorists were killed in an Israeli airstrike, thereby ending their attack. During the confrontations Israeli border policewoman Shay Germay, 19, was killed and 3 other border police officers were wounded by an explosive.

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