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Dead terrorist’s will: “ Let no one abandon the rifle , hold onto the weapons, and fight after me”

Dead terrorist’s will: “Let no one abandon the rifle, hold onto the weapons, and fight after me”

Posted text:“The last will of Martyr Sa’id Jaradat (i.e., terrorist, killed on his way to commit an attack) – do not abandon the rifle, follow my path ”

Man: “What is your last will, Sa’id?”...

Terrorist Sa’id Jaradat: “My last will: Hold the rifle after me and let no one abandon the rifle. Remain on this path, fight, but do not fight for organizations but rather only for Allah. Allah willing you will be worthy of this last will, hold onto the weapons, and fight after me.”

[“Eagle of the Martyrs,” Telegram channel, Feb.24,2024]

Yasser Hanoun and Sa’id Jaradat – terrorists and Islamic Jihad members, aged 27 and 17 respectively, who were killed in an Israeli drone strike in Jenin while driving in a car on their way to carry out an attack on Feb. 23, 2024. Hanoun had recently committed a number of shooting attacks targeting Israeli security forces, the Israeli towns Meirav and Mevo Dotan, and several checkpoints.

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