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Mother agreed to pray for her son to die as a Martyr

Official PA TV program Moons of Palestine, on terrorist Muhammad Fawaqa,who participated in violent confrontations with Israeli forces.

Hussein Fawaqa, brother of terrorist Muhammad Fawaqa: “Praise Allah’s name, He chose [Muhammad Fawaqa], and He chose a path (i.e.,Martyrdom) for him that everyone wishes for but not everyone achieves. Ever since he was little, he always would talk about Martyrdom: ‘I will die as a Martyr and you will miss me...He wished for it and he achieved it...”

“Um Hussein,” mother of terrorist Muhammad Fawaqa: “He would always tell me: “I want to be a Martyr, pray for me mom that I will die as a Martyr.” I would tell him: “You’re making a precious request of me.” The truth is I prayed for him [that he be granted Martyrdom].”

[Official PA TV,Moons of Palestine, April 9, 2024]

Muhammad Fawaqa – 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist who was killed while participating in violent confrontations with Israeli forces north of Ramallah on Oct. 18, 2023.

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