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PA daily: Court sentences man to 15 years’ hard labor for selling land to the “enemy,” "a Jew"

Headline: "Over the course of two court sessions in Ramallah and Qalqilya – sentences issued in cases of premeditated murder, passing information to the enemy, theft, and drugs"
"The court announced: 'The accused (N.A., 35 years old), from the village of Azzoun in the Qalqilya region, is sentenced to 15 years' hard labor, on the charge of selling land to the enemy (i.e., a Jew, see judge's words below), in violation of section 114.'
In addition: 'The court is aware that the accused is the father of a family, and that he has children who suffer from illnesses. Out of compassion for the children, and since the accused has expressed remorse, the court has decided to ease his punishment and to change the duration of the hard labor to 7.5 years.' The press release said: 'The facts show that in September 2008, the accused sold his lot, part of the land in Saniria [village in Nablus region] to a Jew, with the mediation of an agent who fled for the sum of 5,000 Shekels."

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