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Palestinian football player who joined Israeli team is accused of treason and is said to lack “political, national and religious maturity”

Headline: "Samir Issa in sensational interview: I detect the smell of politics in the affair of Ali Al-Khatib's move to the Israeli Hapoel Haifa [football team]; the player is not yet politically, religiously or nationally mature"
     "The story of the move by Palestinian national team player Ali Al-Khatib to the Israeli Hapoel Haifa club has aroused widespread debate among local sports circles, which have accused the player of treason following statements that he made concerning his wish to play in the Israeli national team in the future.
The player has attempted to defend himself on several occasions. He has said that it is his right to play in Israel in light of the fact that he received an opportunity that would not be repeated, and added that the decision to play in Israel was [taken] with the agreement of the Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, Jibril Rajoub. However, the big surprise was that the name of the veteran technical manager Samir Issa was raised again in Al-Khatib's recent statements. Al-Hayat Sport called the Jabel Mukaber [club] technical manager, Samir Issa… He said: 'I detect the smell of politics emanating from the story of Al-Khatib's move to the Israeli Hapoel Haifa [club]. The move was controversial and was carried out in a surprising manner, although the player had said that he wished to play for Jabel Mukaber and signed a contract with the team for four whole seasons.'
Samir noted that… had the player understood the severity of the situation, he would not have moved to the Israeli Hapoel Haifa [club].
Samir Issa criticized the statements of player Ali Al-Khatib, who said that he wished to play in the Israeli national team – which, he says, represents the gateway to an international [career]. The veteran trainer said, 'I find no clear reason for Ali al-Khatib's statements. It seems that the player lacks political, national, or even religious maturity.'
He added, 'As Palestinians, we must dream in a manner that conforms with the glorious history of our struggle, but Ali Al-Khatib's dreams are miserable dreams and a great catastrophe. He has lost the love and respect of the whole Palestinian audience.'"

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