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Abbas says he rejects armed struggle and wants peace in interview with German paper

Headline: "Welcomed Irish representative, the Central Elections Committee, and a delegation of released prisoners – President [Abbas] to German newspaper: If the present situation continues, they'll be building a settlement in my office in Ramallah. Israel must hurry and bring about peace, because no-one knows what the Arab Spring will bring."
Interview with President Mahmoud Abbas
"He [Abbas] said: 'We made a historic mistake when we refused the Partition Plan of 1947..."
Die Zeit: "The Israelis doubt [Palestinian intentions] because rockets are still being fired on Israel from Gaza."
Abbas: "If there's reconciliation with Hamas, that front [southern Israel] will be quiet."
Die Zeit: "Are you able to commit to that?"
Abbas: "I commit myself to that. I have already shown, during the period of my presidency, that I fulfill my promises. During the past five years there has not been a single incident in the West Bank related to Israeli security. The Israeli politicians deny this, but the Israeli generals, and those responsible for intelligence, will tell you: We take our hat off to Abbas. He does excellent work!"
Die Zeit: "It is said that Netanyahu's government has no interest in talks. Why, then, are you continuing with negotiations?"
Abbas: "We have no choice. We will never return to the armed struggle! Never! There will be only non-violent resistance to the occupation."
Die Zeit: "Is that your conclusion from the blood-drenched second Intifada (i.e., the Palestinian terror campaign), which brought with it many suicide terror attacks between the years 2000-2005?"
Abbas: "Such a thing [the Intifada] must never be repeated. We want peace; therefore we must take responsibility for Israel's security: Five years without a single unfortunate incident! Why does the other side not understand this?..."

Note: Below are three of the terror attacks carried out during the past five years that originated in the West Bank:
1. March 11, 2011 - Five members of the Fogel family were murdered in their home by terrorists Hakim and Amjad Awad, from the village of Awarta, belonging to the Popular Front terror organization.
2. Aug. 31, 2010 – Four residents of Beit Haggai were murdered in a shooting attack.
3. Sept. 23, 2011 – Asher Palmer was hit and killed, along with his baby son, by stones thrown at the car he was driving. The terrorists were arrested in the Halhoul area, near Hebron.
A list of several more attacks is to be found on the website of Israel’s Security Agency.