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Israeli treatment of Palestinian prisoners compared to war crimes carried out by the Japanese in WW2

Headline: "Researcher Salim demands that the occupation pay monetary reparations to prisoners, to released prisoners, and to the family members of Shahids (Martyrs)"
"Dr. Majdi Salim, researcher and expert on the National Prisoners' Movement, emphasized that Israel must pay monetary reparations to the Palestinian war captives (i.e., prisoners) arrested by the occupation army since the beginning of 1967. Dr. Majdi Salim called upon legal experts, via the Palestinian universities and the human rights organizations, to prepare for a gathering of an international conference in one of the European capitals, [aiming] to demand compensation for the Palestinian war captives (i.e., prisoners) and to internationalize the cause of our prisoners in the international forums. Dr. Salim emphasized the legitimacy of the compensations and the entitlement to them in accordance with international law. He said, 'International legitimacy confirmed this in the San Francisco [UN] Charter, when the Japanese carried out war crimes during the period of the Japanese Empire, and especially the second Sino-Japanese War [1937-1945], the Second World War, the Asian holocaust and the Japanese war horrors perpetrated afterwards.'"