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PA admires Hezbollah for successful prisoner exchange

"The Minister for Prisoners and Detainees Affairs, Hisham Abdul-Razeq, expressed his joy at the completion of the prisoners exchange between Hezbollah and the Government of Israel. This deal includes the release of 400 Palestinian prisoners…
The spokesman of the Committee of the Relatives of the Prisoners in Israeli Jails, Khalid Al-Khatib… said: 'The Government of Israel, by reaching this agreement, sends the Palestinians a message, which indicates that the releasing of your prisoners will not happen through negotiations.'
Palestinian National Council member Basam Abu Sharif thanked Hezbollah for its efforts to release 400 Palestinian prisoners. He described this act of Hezbollah's as a Pan-Arab one deserving respect …
The Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements described the deal as 'an achievement,' which confirms that the resistance is 'a realistic and practical option' for the freeing of the land and the people.
One of Hamas's leaders, Ismail Haniyeh, told the French News Agency that the deal is a Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab achievement, adding: 'This deal confirms that the resistance is a realistic and a practical option, capable of liberating the land and the people.'"

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