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Now that Palestine has UN observer status, bring to justice Israeli leaders for ethnic cleansing and war crimes

Article by PA daily regular columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
Headline: “Needed after statehood”
“A few things called for by Palestine’s new status at the U.N.
  1. An official announcement by Palestine, the Arabs, Israel, and the UN that the [Oslo] Declaration of Principles is dead and no longer needed for anything other than the historical record.
  2. Talk about final status issues is no longer realistic since Palestine has received [UN] observer state status, and the international resolution has determined the borders of the Palestinian state, and in actuality it is an absolute denial of the legitimacy of the colonial settlement in areas conquered in 1967… It also nullified all the Israeli decisions to annex East Jerusalem… In addition, by determining the borders of the [Palestinian] state, it [the resolution] puts an end to the theft of natural resources including ground water wells. The abovementioned resolution did not nullify the [Palestinian] refugees’ right of return as based on international resolution 194.
  3. Granting Palestinian prisoners the status of prisoners of war, since they are captives from an occupied state….
  4. Nullifying the Paris economic agreement, since from the outset it was a temporary agreement meant to organize economic relations between the occupying state (i.e., Israel) and the autonomous authority (i.e., the Palestinian Authority)…
The importance of President Abbas’ tactical policy as regards [cases to be brought] to the International Criminal Court should be stressed… The [Palestinian] leadership must retroactively bring to justice leaders of the state of ethnic cleansing (i.e., Israel) for all war crimes committed before 1948, i.e., before the Nakba (i.e., “the catastrophe,” Palestinian term for the establishment of the State of Israel) as well as those committed during it and afterwards.”