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PA TV interview: Israelis “target Palestinian children” and “destroy” them

PA TV News broadcast interview with Jawad Saidam, director of the information center in Silwan, Jerusalem:
Director of the information center in Silwan, Jawad Saidam:

"Today they [Israelis] are targeting children. You see – a playground for children. They are targeting the children. The Israelis sense that this Palestinian generation believes wholeheartedly in the weakness of this racist and fascist state. Palestinian ideology and thinking changed after the Naksa (i.e., "the setback," Palestinian term for Israel's victory in the Six Day War): [Then] they believed that Israel was a country that could not be broken. Today, this younger Palestinian generation believes that this state is fragile, and is on the way to ceasing to exist, Allah willing. Therefore [the Israelis] are destroying this Palestinian generation – the children."