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Fatah spokesman promotes libel that Israel assassinated Arafat

During Hamas leader Haniyeh's visit to Iran, Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei insulted Arafat for reasons related to the Oslo Accords. Haniyeh did not respond to the insult.
"In a press release published yesterday, Fatah spokesman Ahmed Asaf denounced … the 'lies uttered by the Iranian [Ayatollah] Khamenei concerning the eternal Martyr (Shahid), Yasser Arafat, in the presence of Ismail Haniyeh.' The [Fatah] movement denounced Haniyeh's silence in the face of Khamenei's accusations against the leader of the Palestinian revolution and resistance, Yasser Arafat… The press release said: 'Khamenei and the one who refrained from saying the truth to his face, Ismail Haniyeh, know that the Israeli occupation assassinated the leader of the Palestinian people because of his insistence on our people's rights and his adherence to the legitimate resistance to occupation and settlement, until he died as a Martyr following a three-year siege on his presidential quarters.'…