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PA TV host: The Galilee is Palestinian land, stolen by the Israelis

PA TV program In a Fighter's Home visits the home of writer Mahmoud Nassar.
PA TV host (speaking from a well that provided water for the Arabs of Sajra, in the Galilee):
     "We are writing here 'Returning', and Allah willing, we will return to our land and come back to it. I say to you: 'Hello, Abu Arab,' [reference to poet named Ibrahim Muhammad Salah, originally from Sajra] and I say to you, 'Allah willing, we will return to our land, which connects us with our ancestors. We are returning, Abu Arab; the Palestinians who are dispersed in foreign lands, wherever they are, are returning.' I am also writing here: 'Returning', and I'm writing my name, [to say] that I came here, and we are returning, Allah willing."
As she comes up out of the well, the host says: 'Now we'll see approximately how many dunams [of land] the Israelis stole: 7800 [dunams]."
At the end of the program, the host stands next to a Christ's Thorn Jujube tree and says: "Allah willing, this land will not forever belong to the Jews who took us out – (host corrects herself) the Zionists, because thus far we are still able to live with them, but the Zionists want to erase our existence from Palestine altogether, forever ("dum" in Arabic is the name of the tree and also means “forever”) Allah willing, it will not remain theirs forever."