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Fatah member in Abbas’ name: “All rifles… must be aimed at the occupation [Israel]”

Mahmoud Al-Aloul, member of the Fatah Central Committee, delivers a speech on behalf of Chairman Abbas at a ceremony in Ramallah, marking the 43rd anniversary of the DFLP.
Ceremony host: "And now for the greetings of President Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State (Arabic: dawla) of Palestine, President of the PLO Executive Council, President of the Palestinian Authority, to be delivered on his behalf by fighter comrade Mahmoud Al-Aloul, Abu Jihad, member of the Fatah Central Committee – if you please."
Al-Aloul: "I greet you all, and I am honored, on behalf of President Abbas, to be participating with you in this ceremony marking the anniversary of the establishment of the DFLP [Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine]… The DFLP has also always contributed to this organization [the PLO] in clarifying contradictory theories and anchoring [the idea] that every marginal conflict, or difference of opinion, of ideology, of position, is a secondary conflict which can be solved through communication and dialogue. The fundamental conflict is always with the occupation, and all rifles and all efforts must be aimed towards the occupation."
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