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Contrasting Israeli democracy with increasingly "Islamic" Palestine

Democratic [secular] Israel VS ‘religious’ Islamic Palestine

Though a minority in the Israeli government are religious in their private lives, or faith in God in general held by most Israeli Jews, nevertheless, the overwhelming Israeli government and army is NOT ‘religious.’ Its laws date –mainly– back to the British Mandate.

Even harsh anti-Israel critic Jimmy Carter openly admitted “that Israel is a democracy with equal rights for all under the law,” (CNN, LKL, December 12, 2006). Not to mention that it provides often preferential treatment to Arabs. Besides the “affirmative action” that was pushed even more by Ariel Sharon, there’s an additional imbalance, the fact that Jews are obligated to serve in the army (unless one is a Haredi, ‘Conscientious Objector’) whereas Arabs are not, yet get all citizenship’s benefits nevertheless.


Whereas “Palestine” is “purely” Islamic, so are its laws. Above all, the ‘ethno-religious cleansing’ apartheid law of prohibiting from selling land to Jews punishable by death was reinforced in the 1990s fatwa by the Mufti Ikrima Sabri (the fanatic, who preached hatred against the US most notaby in 1997 and in 2001, and for example also incited in Feb-2012 Muslims of al-Aqsa mosque, who stoned Christians on Temple Mount).

Clearly, routinely Palestinian-Arabs (moderate Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade or Hamas and sometimes by “solidarity activists”) call (the genocide phrase) Itbach-al-Yahud and Allah Akbar. However Israel is motivated by security and safety.

Arab Republics, Islamic Republics and Arab-Islamic Palestine

As a whole, Arab Islamic nations are very exclusive, All Arab Republics discriminate against non-Arabs [other wise known as racism or Arab-apartheid] and Islamic Republics discriminate against non-Muslims [otherwise known as dhimmitude, or Islamic-apartheid].

The two forces of intolerance often merge in the Middle East. (Arabs in Palestine / Israel, wherever their original origin in Arabia is, also known as) “Palestinians” too, always carried the banners of Arabism and Islamism, ever since the pan-Arab pan-Islamic leader, the Mufti al-Husseini founded the “conlfict” in the 1920s and called to kill Jews wherever they are, to please Allah. He later on worked with Hitler in Berlin.

Even whenever using Arabism, it was bever “purely” secular.


Last but not least. What Syrian minister of education (Suleiman) said in 1968 that “the hatred which we indoctrinate into the minds of our children is sacred,” is the most poisonous foundation and seed for the conflict. Palestine Media Watch / Palwatch (for example) is documenting the constant venemous “schooling,” hateful official media and outrageous inflammatory Mosque sermons by mainstream clerics.

Question is. Can this imbalance, strike that, this heaven & earth contrast, ever narrow down? To put it bluntly: Will Arab-Islamic Palestine ever change?

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