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Seminar at Al-Quds University entitled “Jerusalem and the alleged Temple.”

Headline: "Seminar in Salfit on the subject of Jerusalem and the alleged Temple"
"The Salfit branch of the Al-Quds Open University, in cooperation with the Salfit Region Advisory Council and the Ministry of Culture, held a cultural lecture entitled 'Jerusalem and the Alleged Temple', as part of the university's strategic plan aimed at strengthening ties between the university and local social institutions.
Speakers at the seminar included Dr. Omar Ja'areh and Adnan Ayyash…
Director of the Salfit branch [of the university] noted that the seminar was [taking place] within the framework of the activities of the Cultural Council in the Salfit region, aimed at deepening Palestinian national identification and strengthening it, as well as [strengthening] the citizen's bond with his land and his history. In their addresses, Dr. Ja'areh and Ayyash noted that everything that had been said at the seminar was based on Israeli research. Both speakers drew attention to the fact that since the establishment of the Zionist movement, it has used all means to achieve its aims, including falsification of history, which it uses in order to achieve its political aims."