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PA daily article opposes normalization with Israel and states that Fatah leads the crackdown against normalization

Headline: "During seminar held by the network of NGOs – demand to adopt media discourse that will strengthen awareness of the boycott of Israel and the war against normalization"
"Participants at a workshop held by the network of NGOs yesterday in Ramallah and in Gaza, on "The Campaign to Boycott Israel", demanded action in all possible ways in order to strengthen awareness of the boycott on Israel, and to create a unifying culture that can reach all groups and layers of Palestinian society… Omar Barghouti, of the [Boycott] Campaign, presented a survey on the Boycott Campaign… he said that normalization with Israel takes many forms, but less so than in the past; the most dangerous of them is normalization among youth, which is developing right now in the Gaza Strip more than it is in the West Bank. This is [happening] as a result of the continued siege, which is causing institutions which maintain normalization [with Israel] to tempt youth to travel overseas and to participate in workshops, conferences etc. [which include Israeli delegates or legitimize joint projects with Israel, etc.]. He noted that normalization may be economic, commercial, cultural or academic, and said that some forms of normalization have been isolated in the West Bank by all [political] parties and factions of the national and Islamic activity, even though the presence of the Hamas movement is smaller than that of the other factions. He emphasized that Fatah leads the crackdown on institutions in the West Bank that maintain normalization."

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