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PA leader Nabil Shaath emphasizes that the PA opposes armed conflict “because it harms our people”

Headline: "Shaath: Letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu and to the world, setting out all the options other than armed conflict"
"Nabil Shaath said that the letter from President Mahmoud Abbas to the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and world leaders, would be sent in the coming days, and that it would include all Palestinian options other than the armed struggle. In response to a question by MAAN News Agency concerning the content of the letter and the sections relating to security coordination and the dismantling of the PA, Shaath said: 'The letter includes all the options other than the armed conflict, because it harms our people, and we are opposed to it.' He added that the letter would raise important questions concerning the future and Israel's honoring of international agreements and demands. He noted that the letter is part of the activity that will put Israel and the world to the test. Shaath said: 'Our international plan depends on the Israeli response to the letter, which does not reflect a state of despair amongst the leadership, but rather a refusal of the reality.' He added, 'The letter from the Palestinian leadership will not suffice with reminding Israel of signed agreements, but will go further, clarifying the matter of the PA’s right of control over its areas and its residents, freedom of movement and economic activity, the prisoners, as well as Israeli's severe violations and its ignoring of all the signed agreements, especially the Oslo Accords.'"