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PA daily quotes doctor who claims that Israel is worse than Nazis in its treatment of Palestinian prisoners

Headline: "During press conference held at the Ministry of Information – Karake: The situation in the prisons is on the verge of exploding"
"Chairman of the Doctors' Association, Dr. Jawad Awad…. condemned the Israeli measure against the prisoners [DNA tests] as an immoral and irresponsible step that wasn't practiced even by the Nazis…
He said that reports had reached the association concerning the existence of an Israeli 'skin bank', and stated that skin is taken from Palestinian Martyrs (Shahids) in order to carry out cosmetic surgery and skin grafts for Israeli soldiers.
[Dr. Saber] Al-Aloul [head of the Institute of Forensic Medicine] expressed suspicion as to the Israeli intentions behind this decision, since DNA samples may be used for the purposes of stealing and transplanting organs, cloning, and the like."