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Fatah official in PA TV news broadcast: Israel is like Hitler

Report about a Palestinian demonstrator attacked by an Israeli army dog. Interview with Member of Fatah Central Committee Abbas Zaki, about the incident.

PA TV reporter: "In these images, Israeli Nazism and the criminal mentality are eternalized. The methods are numerous, but the aggression is the same. Police dogs attack the demonstrators and bite their exposed parts…"

Member of Fatah Central Committee, Abbas Zaki: "When this enemy uses dogs and live bullets and this planned military violence, it emphasizes its violent, racist nature and character, which is unacceptable, and which has multiplied and spilled over beyond all limits. In my opinion they imitate – and they are determined to imitate – the period of Hitler. Because, in the Nazi war, Hitler was determined to train dogs… so that they would enter the war. These modern weapons and modern technology have reached their hands, harmful wild boars, as well as dogs that bite the bodies of the [Palestinian] fighters."

PA TV host: "Mr. Zaki, in fact, these photographs [which Zaki has brought to the studio], and what we saw in the report, recall something even worse than what happened during the dark period, isn't that so?"

Zaki: "That's true. Naturally, when we say 'the period of Hitler', and they say to you, 'we are suffering from the period of Hitler' – they are repeating the same lesson…
All of this causes us to think again about the nature of the actions of non-violence. If the attacks on the non-violent demonstrations are conducted with such broad aggression and with this unlimited violence, if so then we must think of something else…"

Host: "Mr. Zaki, when the Israeli soldiers use dogs as a means of suppressing these demonstrations, why, in your opinion, do they reach such a level of barbarism and of torture of civilians?"

Zaki: "They are – first of all, when they exaggerate with their crimes, they're afraid. Their man is already not able to handle it. Therefore, I believe that the dog, the boar, and the soldier have now joined forces [lit: they are in one pit] against Palestinian humanity."