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Fascist right wing in US wages war against Muslims

Hafez Barghouti, Editor of the official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida:
 “The right wing lobby controls Washington and runs a dirty war against all that is Arab and Muslim. It is a Fascist right that formed an alliance with the Fascist Israeli colonialists… The American European Russian alliance is acting to empty the international institutions, both the UN and the High Court of Justice, of their content… It may be that the Europeans think that the submission of the Arab regimes turned the Arab land to wasteland and that the subdued nations won’t act against the neo-imperialism, but they are wrong. This is because the torch of struggle, which accompanies our nation for nearly a century against all types of imperialism, will not be extinguished, but [the Palestinian nation] will continue to lead the Arab nation and will continue to awaken the Arab nation to shake the earth under the feet of the blood and oil sucking neo- imperialists, the thieves of natural resources and murderers of nations.”