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Official PA daily: Terrorist who placed bomb deserves honor

Headline: "Fatima Barnawi – the first female prisoner, and the beginning of the story"
“Fatima Muhammad Barnawi was one of the first female Palestinians to participate in armed self-sacrificing (fedayin) activities since the Launch of the modern Palestinian revolution, the first spark of which was lit by Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965. She is the first Palestinian girl to be arrested by the Israeli occupation forces.
Fatima Barnawi – a fighter who deserves our admiration, who attracted our attention who earned our esteem; a woman who should be honored, an experience to be recorded; but she is the prisoner to whom the authorities pay the least attention. She is the released [prisoner] whose presence in the various media is smallest. And she is the one in whom the official and popular institutions are the least interested.
Prisoner Barnawi was arrested in October 1967 after planting a bomb in Jerusalem's Zion Cinema, and she was sentenced to life in prison. But she was held captive for only ten years, and was released on Nov. 11, 1977… She was exiled from the homeland, and continued her struggle in Fatah and the armed forces. She married released prisoner Fawzi Nimr from Acre, one of the Palestinian cities occupied in 1948…
After the Oslo Accords she founded the Palestinian Women's Police, after returning to the homeland and after the establishment of the PA in 1994.”