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PA Minister honors mother of prisoners, who calls her sons “heroes” on PA TV

PA TV News broadcast:
In honor of Mothers' Day, Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake visits the mother of four prisoners and presents her with a plaque of honor.

Mother: "You are heroes; lift up your heads; I am proud of you, I am very proud of you. I am the mother of the heroes. On the 19th of this month is my birthday, and now it is Mothers' Day. All four of you have brought me the two most beautiful gifts in the world, and I am very, very, very proud of you."
Plaque reads:
"The Ministry of Prisoners' Affairs
Since the Palestinian mother is the womb of the land and Heaven's mercies
A gift to the Palestinian mother
Alexandra Halabi
Mother of the heroic prisoners in the occupation's prisons
On the occasion of Mothers' Day
With esteem for the struggle and the continuing resolve."

Note: PMW has not been able to verify the crimes or the terms the prisoners are serving.