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PA daily editor condemns terror attack in Jewish school in France, but then demonizes Israel as an oppressor of Palestinian children

Headline: "Terror is all the same"
Hafez Barghouti, Editor of the official PA daily
 "There is no disputing that the attack on the Jewish school in Toulouse [on March 19, 2012, when a terrorist shot and killed 3 children and a teacher] is a contemptible act of terror by any measure, because schools are not a target… It must be noted that this incident, whoever the perpetrator may be, was a despicable act of terror, like any act of terror that kills a child who is Afghan, Syrian, Iraqi, Palestinian, or Jewish, and regardless of whether the Jew is in France, in a settlement on the Gaza border, or in the West Bank, because children are not connected to conflicts, and hatred and its burden should not be bequeathed to them. I'm not a religious preacher or a preacher of peace, but children should be spared the dangers of wars and conflicts, because we have been burned by them. We still have children who are injured; the occupation's courts are still judging dozens of children, and its prisons hold dozens of children who have been judged and oppressed because they are prey for settlement and expulsion. The blood of the children at the Jewish school [in Toulouse] is no different from the blood of our children, and the terror against them is terror against childhood… If, in matters of blood, there is no difference between a child and a fighter, then we will see how the occupation will use this incident to intimidate the Jews and cause them to emigrate from France, in order to accelerate the settlement in our land and in our Jerusalem, to expel our children and to squeeze more children into cemeteries, prisons, tents, or huts."

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