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Fatah's official Facebook page glorifies terrorist Dalal Mughrabi

Fatah's official Facebook page features a picture of Dalal Mughrabi and a poem honoring her. Both the picture and the poem were posted by the page administrator:
"This is Dalal, my eternal love:
I loved the struggle with passion,
from the eyes of the young woman
I loved Palestine,
from the rifle of the young woman
I wished for Martyrdom,
along with the young woman
Dalal, my mysterious young woman
My revolutionary Jihadi inspiration
I loved her but knew only her name
Dalal Mughrabi
The legend of Mughrabi grew
spread within me, unparalleled
like the trees, she became a young woman
I learned in prison that the earth drew back
before Dalal, the sea raged and could not bear
that a self-sacrificing [Dalal] Mughrabi would arise from it
[She] remained days at sea, Allah's eye
guards and protects the rifle."
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