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PA Minister Karake presents gift to mother of imprisoned murderer, Issa Abd Rabbo

Headline: "Karake honors mothers of prisoners Hattab and Abd Rabbo"
"Minister of Prisoners' Affairs Issa Karake visited the Tulkarem home of Palestinian prisoner Kifah Hattab, who has been on a hunger strike for 22 days, and the Deheisheh refugee camp home of prisoner Issa Abd Rabbo, the Bethlehem District's most veteran prisoner, having been in the occupation's prisons for 27 years.
Karake was accompanied by a delegation from the Ministry, the Independent Council for Human Rights, the National Union of Martyrs' and Released Prisoners' Families, and secretaries from the Fatah movement. Karake delivered a symbolic gift to prisoner Kifah Hattab's mother on the occasion of Mother's Day.
Karake also presented a symbolic gift to the mother of Issa Abd Rabbo in the Deheisheh refugee camp... Karake saluted the Palestinian mother, who is considered a symbol of resolve, endurance, and adhering to [the idea of] freedom and the future... Kifah Hattab's mother said: 'All prisoners are my sons, and they are like Kifah. I am proud of them, their endurance, and their resolve...'"
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Note: Issa Abd Rabbo killed two Israeli university students, Ron Levi and Revital Seri, who were hiking south of Jerusalem in 1984. At gun point he tied them up, put bags over their heads and then shot and murdered both. He is serving two life sentences in an Israeli prison.
Kifah Hattab was a commander of Tanzim, a terror branch of Fatah, and is serving two life sentences for the murder of Rabbi Aharon Obadian in 2001, and the murder of a Palestinian whom he accused of collaborating with Israel.

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