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Former Palestinian prisoner Shalabi glorified for being like terrorist killer Dalal Mughrabi

Headline: "With the participation of a delegation from South Africa and the Minister of Prisoners' Affairs and MP's – march of national solidarity with the legend of resolve, Hana Shalabi, at the Faculty of Communications of Al-Quds University"
 Fatah spokesman, Ahmad Asaf: "Hana is a legend." … Fatah spokesman, Ahmad Asaf… maintained that Hana, the Palestinian legend, proves through her determined struggle that she belongs to the school of Dalal Mughrabi."

Note: Hana Shalabi is a Palestinian prisoner that was released in the Shalit deal and was arrested again following her release. She staged a hunger strike in prison for 43 days to protest her administrative detention by Israel. In March 2012, Israel expelled Shalabi to Gaza. The reasons for her arrest have not been released.