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Prisoner on PA salary cuts: Prisoners who killed Jews are entitled to a salary, also after release

PA TV program addresses the uncertain future facing the Palestinians. Viewers call in and complain about the inefficiency of PA government offices.
PA TV host: "With us is Iyad Abu Khaizaran. Good evening." …
Iyad Abu Khaizaran: "Hi. Firstly, I would like to convey greetings to our prisoners, all of them. All our dear ones in the prisons. From the time of our father, Ahmad Sa'adat… To all the brothers, the friends, in all the prisons. But what I want to say is: since the day we were released from prison, when our reception was over, [Abbas] has given us half a salary. That's because we're all fighters. We killed Jews. I personally killed Jews. I killed settlers and I injured soldiers. My house was destroyed. I have 11 bullets in my body. I served 22 years in Israeli prisons." …
Host: "You are [among the prisoners] who were recently released, right?"
Iyad Abu Khaizaran: "Yes… But the Palestinian Authority, which presents itself as being responsible for the nation, it must be faithful to everyone."
Host: "Mr. Iyad, while you were in prison, did you receive a salary or not? … In other words, you, like the other [prisoners], did you receive salaries in the prisons?"
Iyad Abu Khaizaran: "Yes. After about the year 2000, [the salaries] became organized."
Host: "Okay, in other words, from 2000 – I mean, all the organizations, without exception, whether it was Fatah or Hamas, supporters of Abbas or not supporters of Abbas, according to your opinion – they [all] received salaries or not? Tell the truth openly."
Iyad Abu Khaizaran: "Yes, yes they did."

Note: Iyad Abu Khaizaran was released as part of the Shalit prisoner release exchange deal in 2011. Abu Khaizaran, member of the Islamic Jihad, was given a life sentence in 1991 for stabbing a 76 year-old man to death, Shlomo Yahya, in a suburb of Tel Aviv.
Ahmad Sa'adat, referred to by Khaizaran as "our father," is serving a 30-year sentence for heading the PFLP terror organization. A song at a PFLP event also praised him for planning the assassination of Israeli Minister of Tourism Rehavam Ze'evi in 2001, but he has not been tried for this crime.