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PA TV program for kids teaches that the Galilee is occupied land

PA TV program The Best Home
PA TV host tells children: "You must all be asking what this day commemorates, or why Land Day is specifically on March 30…
On March 30, dear friends, in 1976, Israeli occupation forces confiscated a region – in other words, thousands of dunams of land in the Galilee (northern Israel), occupied lands, that is, land occupied after 1948."
[Art section of the program teaches children to prepare a model of the map of Palestine:]
"Hello, friends, and welcome to the arts section [of the program].
Today … we will learn how to make a model of the map of Palestine, so that we can go on remembering our land, Palestine… Of course, all my friends know how to draw the map of Palestine."
[Artist draws a map of all of Israel and the PA areas, then sticks the colors of the Palestinian flag on to the map.]
Girl: "Here, the map of Palestine is ready, in its historic area."
[End of program: "Produced by PA TV 2010"]
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