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Fatah press release refers to Israel as "occupied Palestine"

"In a press release published yesterday by the Information and Culture Commission, the [Fatah] movement said that it believes that [Ahmad] Jibril's media statements are a desperate attempt to destroy and burn the political achievements of our people and its wise leadership…
The press release said: 'Jibril and the merchants of Palestinian and Arab blood who are with him, have not succeeded in pushing the members of our Palestinian nation in Syria and in Lebanon to the fields of meaningless carnage and to the minefields located alongside the barbed-wire fences and the electrified fences of the Israeli occupation, on the border between occupied Palestine and the two neighboring Arab lands. Therefore, all he could do was to fire his cannons of hatred and enmity towards the Chairman of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement, the leader Mahmoud Abbas, and the Martyr (Shahid) symbol, Yasser Arafat."