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PA launches prisoners’ satellite channel to glorify prisoners and convey “their acts of heroism”

Headline: "Under the auspices of the President [Abbas] and in the presence of Karake and Al-A'araj – announcement of the launch of 'The Prisoner' satellite channel in Jenin"
"Head of the Office of the President, Hussein Al-A'araj, inaugurated 'The Prisoner' satellite channel yesterday in Jenin, on behalf of President Mahmoud Abbas and under his auspices. Al-A'araj conveyed President Mahmoud Abbas' congratulations upon the inauguration of this satellite channel, since it has adorned itself with the colors of the Palestinian flag…
He said: 'Two days ago we commemorated Land Day, for the sake of which the heroes were taken into captivity (i.e., imprisoned in Israel), and prior to that the Martyrs (Shahids) sacrificed that which was dear to them for the sake of their only and unified land, Palestine, whose sole capital is Jerusalem.' He conveyed greetings to the prisoners… [saying], 'The leadership, headed by the President, emphasizes that we will not abandon them until they return as free people, because our nation suffers from their tragedy, and their suffering pains all of us. This is a tax that we all have to pay.' … He emphasized that no peace agreement would be signed without all the prisoners returning to their homes… Minister of Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake, congratulated the prisoners on the launch of this satellite station, which will broadcast our prisoners to all the satellite stations in the world, conveying their resolve and their acts of heroism to all nations."

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