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Fatah official: Israeli soldiers have a “hunting season for Palestinian children”

Excerpt from a column by Yahya Rabah, member of the Fatah leadership Committee in Gaza, following the death of three children in a fire in their home in Gaza.
"The three children of the Abu Bashir family, the children of Raed Abu Bashir, were sleeping angelically in their small home in the Bashaireh neighborhood in Deir Al-Balah…
But these three children – Sabri, Nadin and Farah, the eldest no older than 12 - were killed! This time the killer was not an Israeli apache helicopter, nor Israeli drones, nor the shell of an Israeli tank, nor even a lead bullet from an Israeli-manufactured Uzi machine-gun or American M-16, with which Israeli soldiers entertain themselves during the hunting season for Palestinian children. This time the killer, the child-killer, was a small candle, whose pale light flickers with every gust of air."

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