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Jibril Rajoub: Arabs will boycott 'Adidas shoes' for sponsoring Jerusalem Marathon

Headline: "Arab Sports Ministers decide to boycott 'Adidas', which sponsors the Israeli marathon in occupied Jerusalem"
"The Ministers of Youth and Sports who are [currently] gathered in Saudi Arabia have resolved to boycott the Adidas sports products company, which sponsors the Israeli marathon in East Jerusalem. President General of Youth Welfare and chairman of the present gathering of the Council of Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports, Prince Nawaf Bin Faisal, announced… at a press conference at the conclusion of the sessions of the 55th gathering of the Arab Ministers of Youth and Sports, that an Arab marathon [is] to be held with the slogan, 'Jerusalem is Ours', in all Arab countries, to coincide with the Israeli marathon held in East Jerusalem… Chairman of the Palestinian Olympic Committee, Jibril Rajoub, announced: 'Jerusalem will remain Arabic – Islamic and Christian, and any element that supports the Israeli occupation in this city will be boycotted by all Arabs.' He added, 'This resolution was passed in accordance with a request submitted by Palestine, and it represents a strong Arab message to anyone who thinks that he can support occupation in the city of Jerusalem.'"

Note: The Third International Jerusalem Marathon was indeed held in the West Bank under the auspices of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

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