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Fatah official encourages boycott of all Israeli products

"Yesterday, Fatah Central Committee member Mahmoud Al-Aloul and Nablus district governor Jibrin Al-Bakri announced the commencement of activities in the national campaign in support of local products in the Nablus region… Al-Aloul said that the aim of the campaign is to encourage national products with all our strength and with our best efforts. He noted that the campaign will be held over five years, in three stages. He also said that the aim of the campaign is to enlarge the contribution by the private sector to the national economy, and to increase citizens' spending on national products instead of foreign and imported products… He noted that the campaign is closely bound up with the present political situation, as well as with the boycotting of Israeli merchandise. He stated that there are many families which refuse to bring Israeli merchandise into their homes, and therefore the aim is to strengthen this culture, so that it will become the prevailing culture in society."