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Bush is like Hitler, will be juicy stuff for psychologists

“The world stands today at the edge of a dangerous slope which threatens the destiny of all humanity. The President of the most powerful nation in the world suffers from megalomania and thinks he’s a prophet. He uses military force to rearrange the world as he likes […] No doubt that the personality of President Bush will be juicy material for dozens of psychology books, for he has many characteristics of historical figures that left a negative impact on the course of global history, mainly [lead by] the Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi and racist proclamations.
Finally, the Cuban President, Fidel Castro who has deep knowledge of President Bush’s history, already called him ‘Fuhrer of the globalization era or of the new world order.’ But he forgot that the Fuhrer of Germany, Adolf Hitler, ruled [only] one state, with limited options, at a time when humanity… hadn’t yet reached its current level of frightening scientific and technological development. While the ‘Fuhrer of the new world order’ [Bush] received the reins of an American empire with more than half the world’s weapons of mass destruction, with frightening economic, financial, and technological potential. And while the German Fuhrer’s adventure ended with tens of millions of dead and wounded, and partial destruction of several countries, this adventure of the new Fuhrer [Bush] will return the world to the stone age.”