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PA daily: Islamic-Christian Council of Jerusalem warns that Israel is emptying Jerusalem of [Arab] inhabitants

Headline: "Islamic-Christian Council warns that the occupation plans to build a new settlement in the heart of Jerusalem"
"The Islamic-Christian Council for Support of Jerusalem and the Holy Places warned yesterday of a new Israeli plan to establish a settlement in the heart of occupied Jerusalem. It said yesterday in a statement that the evacuation of the home of citizen Khaled Al-Natsheh, from the Al-Ashqariyeh area in the Beit Hanina neighborhood, in the northern part of the holy city, by occupation forces, in order to transfer it to a group of settlers, is the continuation of the Israeli policy of occupation, whose aim is to Judaize Jerusalem and empty it of its [Arab] inhabitants…
The Council emphasized that the occupation authorities and settlers are trying to seize the city of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian holy places; to Judaize every inch of the holy city so that it will become the capital of the Jewish people and of the Jewish state; to expel every Muslim and Christian Arab from the occupied city; and – as the crowning glory of their plans – to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque and to establish the alleged Temple on its ruins."