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PA TV program shows maps of all of Israel while narrator refers to them as Palestinian land

PA TV program Youth of the Land includes a short film about freedom, dedicated to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons. As the narrator speaks, his words are illustrated with the adjacent pictures.

PA TV host:
"A short word from the program Youth of the Land to our prisoners in the occupation's prisons, today, on Palestinian Prisoners' Day. Let's watch it together, and then we'll conclude our discussion.

Narrator in film:
"Freedom is that you feel your breath [when you're in] your land [visual shows map of all of Israel], at the entrance to your home, and among your children. Freedom is when you know that you'll be eating your breakfast with your family, with your wife, with your mother, with your friends. Freedom is when you can decide when to go to sleep and when to get up, when to go out and when to come in. Freedom is that you can speak without fear for what you're saying, and knowing that the tree that you plant is the same tree you'll be eating from in two or three years' time. Freedom is when you live your life as you wish to, not as someone who came from Nigeria wants you to. Freedom is when you go to the barber on the eve of a holiday, and you wait among the people. You wait in line at the bank, and also [in the line] for falafel. Freedom is when you live a natural life, just an ordinary, relaxed, sweet life without roadblocks, walls, and barbed- wire fences. Freedom is when you say 'Good morning' to the people in the country [visual shows map of all of Israel] and ask them, 'How are you today?' Freedom is when you desire freedom for it [visual shows map of all of Israel] and for the people. Greetings from Youth of the Land, to the prisoners of freedom."

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