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Zionism is "devoid of any foundation in history" and "Jews are not a nation"

By PA daily columnist Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
: "Palestinianism vs. Zionism"
"At the beginning of May, the English [online] newspaper Yediot Aharonot published an article by a Zionist full of hatred for Palestinians and Palestinianism, hostile towards peace and the solution of two states for two peoples on the borders on June 4, 1967: He is Moshe Dann, a Zionist writer and historian living in Jerusalem. Dann tried to incite against Palestinianism, to distort its real essence [as an ideology] which supports Palestinian nationalism, and tried to dress it in religious garb – even though everyone knows that Palestinian identity brings together all Palestinians, regardless of religion or ideological belief… Moshe Dann grew up in the midst of Zionist forgery and hypocrisy, and was nourished and fed with the racist Zionist ideas that were based on the Jewish religion in order to mislead Jews of different nationalities and to bring them into [Zionism's] furnace of colonial war, so as to serve its masters in the imperialist West. This was in order to spearhead the colonialist enterprise, with the aim of stealing the Arabs' resources and to act in a systematic and planned way to deepen rift and division among the peoples of the Arab nation, as a continuation of the Sykes-Picot conspiracy of 1916, and prior to that – the Campbell-Bannerman Conference of 1905-1907. [In his article, Dann] wanted to reverse the picture and to dress the Palestinian national identity in Zionism's worn out, torn attire…
Moshe Dann's lies have been exposed by Prof. Shlomo Sand, Ilan Pappe, and other Jewish historians who have removed the mask from the real face of racist Zionism which is based on a narrative devoid of any foundation in history, because the Jews are not a nation, but rather members of different nations from all over the world, who believe in the Jewish religion."