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PA daily article calls for a modern-day Saladin to push “the invaders” (Israelis) out of “Palestine”

Article by Bader Maki in the sports pages:
"What about you, oh Arabs who prohibit [visiting Jerusalem] and accuse [those who visit] of treason? Such isolation you impose on us, in facing those who have newly appeared upon the face of the earth [the Israelis], those who continue, day and night, with their measures to Judaize Jerusalem, to empty it of its original inhabitants, and to establish settlements – and at the very time that the settlers are rioting everywhere in our land, and cutting down the holy olive trees…
The Hebrew entity fears the Arab Spring, because it will lose some of the rulers who maintained normalization with it. But the Arab street supports the bearers of the historical [Palestinian] cause, and our nation's dream of establishing our independent state with Jerusalem as its capital… Come, Arabs, to Jerusalem… Come to Palestine in order to emphasize its Arabness and its authenticity. Here, the descendants of Saladin from Kurdistan are arriving in Palestine. By my life, we need a leader like that Kurdish Muslim leader, to tell the invaders, 'Get out!'"